Search Engine Visibility

A business website should be visible to its target audience. I help to increase search engine ranking and visibility.

Personalized Solutions

Every business is unique and requires a different strategy. I provide personalized solutions for all businesses.


Grow revenue through Organic Search, Social Media and PPC.

Welcome to SEO Specialist Nav Website

The number of people searching on internet increasing day by day. SEO is a necessity, not a luxury for businesses. If people can’t find your business website in the top search results, they won’t visit your website. SEO Specialist helps to optimize a website for search engines.
Search Engine Optimisation is constantly changing and requires the knowledge of algorithm changes, skills, and personal attention to beat competitors.
                              All businesses need to have a user-friendly website and an active online presence in order to grow revenue. I help businesses get found on search engines, optimize their website and rank well for target keywords.

Why should hire SEO Specialist Nav?

  • I am Google Adwords certified and I have many years of experience in SEO so I know what works and what not. I can handle everything from SEO, Content Marketing and PPC.
  • My development experience helps to understand and fix technical SEO issues. I can optimize the website and fix all development issues which are ruining your search presence.
  • SEO changed a lot in last few years.  I can create winning strategy for you. It includes advanced SEO, voice optimization and usage of Artificial Intelligence.
  • Knowing your competitors is very important. I will analyze your competitors to find their strength and weaknesses. Then my strategy will help your business beat them.
  • I can help you generate leads(leads= sales). The ranking is important but most important for any business are leads.
  • I will provide you regularly report on work done, its impact.
  • I am expert in Google Tag Manager. I will help you tracking every activity on website.

About Me

Hi, My name is Navneet Sandhu. I am a professional SEO Specialist who helps businesses to reach next level online.

I am a Google Certified SEO Expert having technical experience in development and Quality Assurance. I will make sure your website is SEO as well as user-friendly.

As a SEO Specialist, I am qualified to tell you that which SEO techniques will likely generate the best results.

My techniques are penalty proof: these techniques improved ranking year-over-year, even in spite of algorithm changes.


    A fantastic SEO Audit to find issues in the website so that I can fix them later and maximize your site’s usability, crawlability, and rankings.


    Finding best keywords for your website which can drive High Organic traffic. I will find current keywords, their position and new keywords we can target. I will do keyword research using Industry’s best tools.

  • Competitors Research

    I will check your main competitors and their strategy. I will study their link profile and keywords and content. This will also help us to find efforts required to Outrank them.


    This is the foundation of any SEO Campaign. I will fix all ON Page Issues I found in first stage.
    Next step is to Optimize website for keywords we are targeting.


    Link Building will help to boost your ranking. Backlinks are one of the main factors that search engines takes into consideration. Quality is more important than quantity for search engines. I will build niche high authority backlinks.

Why your business needs SEO?

Businesses have many options for online marketing. There are many different types of online marketing channels. However, It depends on your niche and budget which one is best for you.

PPC can help get leads quickly. Though it’s like paying rent. You can get leads till you are paying for ads. You do not build equity. It is an expensive option for small businesses.

Social Media is the best channel for brand awareness and It helps in SEO too. You can get instant traffic, though the chance of conversion is less in social media.

SEO refers to ranking your website high in search engines. People rely on search engines to look for services. They search on google for research before buying things. With SEO, it is feasible to start without any large investment. Every piece of optimized content gives you a new opportunity. SEO requires continues effort and out of box strategy. Local SEO is for local businesses to promote their services to local customers.