What are HTTPS SEO benefits?

There is still some confusion among people about the use of HTTPS and its effect on Google ranking. Some small businesses still shy away from investing in HTTPS.  In this post, we will check in detail advantages of HTTPS over HTTP  and its effect on ranking.

HTTPS is basically a combination of Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP) and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).

Two main advantages of HTTPS are site’s security and trust. When you enter information like credit card or login credentials, it requires security to block unauthorized entry. HTTPS help you to secure this.

People have also realized its importance and many webmasters are moving to HTTPS. Google is serious about security. It is the main priority of Google.

In Google Chrome, you can see the difference, now it shows ‘not secure’ warning on non-HTTPS sites. You can see this message in URL bar of chrome browser.

https seo impact

Impact of HTTPS on Google’s Ranking

Now we are clear HTTPS helps to secure your website. Now does it help you in google ranking?

Yes, It does. Google uses it as ranking signal though it’s a lightweight ranking signal. There are 200+ ranking factors.

Google has officially announced this as ranking factor.

So, Switching over to HTTPS can help you secure your site and boost the ranking of a website in Google.

There are few things you need to be careful about when switching to https.  Here are the things you must consider while switching to HTTPS

  • Finding right trustee certificate partner at a fair cost.
  • Redirecting the HTTP URLs to HTTPS
  • Revising the robots.txt file
  • Mixed Content Issues. You have to move all resources like images, audios, videos to HTTPS
  • Let Google know about HTTPS deployment.

Hope, You got all the answers you are looking for HTTPS affect on SEO.  Ask me in comments if you still have any query. Good luck!







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