Online Presence is very crucial for any business. However, having a website is not enough. You have to reach people and rank on top when people search for your services. Online Marketing is important for big brands as well as small businesses. There are many ways to promote business online.

  • PPC (Pay Per Click)
  • SEO(Search Engine Optimization)
  • SMM(Socia Media Marketing)
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing

I can build a marketing strategy which use all these channels to bring traffic and generate leads.  Every business is different and so its needs and budget. I will create an ideal plan for your business according to your needs and budget.

SEO is necessary for all businesses. It provides best ROI of any Inbound Marketing if you are doing it right. People search on search engines for everything nowadays. You do not need to reach them, people with buying intent will content you.

Key Benefits of SEO

  • User and Search Friendly Website – SEO helps business to optimize the website for users as well as search engines. The website should load fast, optimized for mobile and content relevant to your target audience.
  • More traffic and leads – SEO is the most efficient way to bring traffic with buying intent. People search on the search engine before buying anything online.
  • Building Brand Awareness – People trust businesses with good online presence. SEO help to build brand awareness.
  • Beat Competitors – There will be many businesses similar to your business. SEO help to beat your competitors. There are million other sites in search engines for same keywords you want to target. You have to beat them and rank on top search results.

SEO is very beneficial but it can also be very risky if you violate Search Engine Guidelines. SEO should be done by professionals with knowledge of all search guidelines and Google algorithms.


Seo changed a lot in last few years. SEO is not a rookies’ game anymore. Any wrong step can ruin your website in search engine. You can find people who provide cheap SEO services. Most of the SEO Companies scam businesses. They use the black hat and outdated techniques which can ruin your website forever.

SEO is a long-term process with long-term benefits. You cannot rank a new website in 6 months for competitive keywords. It requires committed effort and plan. There are almost 200+ ranking factors Google look at before ranking any website.

There is enough information available on the internet so anyone can learn it and do SEO, but the problem comes with knowing whats important. I have worked in many niches for many years. My experience will help your business making short term and long term strategy for SEO.

I will:

  • Analyze your website in detail and make sure you are sending positive signals to search engines.
  • Optimize all pages of the website for specific keywords.
  • Perform targeted and relevant keyword research.
  • Perform competitor analysis to help you beat your competitors.
  • Write quality content for the website.
  • give advice on how to generate leads.
  • Fix all technical issues.
  • Use white hat SEO techniques which can actually affect ranking.
  • Provide detailed reporting on the effectiveness of your Seo Campaign.

Most importantly, I will give 100%  commitment to work. When your business grows, I grow with you.


I cannot give a guarantee to rank your website on first at a particular time. If anyone gives you such surety, run away fast, using black hat techniques can rank you on top for few days but with the penalty, you will lose your website ranking for a very long time. I can give you guarantee once all SEO steps are complete, you will see improvement in following metrics:

  1.  Keyword Ranking
  2.  Website Traffic
  3.  Leads

Let me help you grow your business. I am signing up limited clients right now so that I can give 100% to those projects. Contact me here.