6 Black Hat SEO Techniques to avoid (can kill your ranking) in 2019

SEO is the most effective way to bring target traffic to the website. However, it can also be very risky if you are using Black Hat techniques. In this post, I will discuss Black Hat SEO Techniques to avoid always.

Search Engines have evolved very fast. Some folks still use these black hat SEO techniques to rank quickly in short time.  It’s very important for businesses to be aware of these techniques.

Black Hat SEO techniques may boost your ranking for some time but they will ruin your website for a long time(in some cases forever).
Google is very strict for quality content and links. Following these techniques can invite the penalty by Google’s Panda and Penguin’s search algorithms. There are still some who use these techniques to show improvement in ranking quickly but these tactics hurt ranking rather than helping it in long run.

Here is the list of SEO Techniques which can kill your traffic:


This technique involves showing two different pieces of content to search engines and users. This method violates Google guidelines and website will soon end up penalized by Google Penguin.

Keyword Stuffing

There was a time when adding keyword much time in content used to help in ranking. You cannot use this technique now. The website should have content written for users and keyword added should be used naturally in content.

Doorway Pages

It refers to ranking page content using cloaking for particular queries and then redirecting users to unrelated content. Google announced in 2015 a new update to take action on Doorway pages. https://webmasters.googleblog.com/2015/03/an-update-on-doorway-pages.html

Duplicate Content

It involves creating many pages on the website using spun content. I have seen many websites rewrite same articles in many pages. This will only confuse search engine to find which content is original. All pages on the website should have Original content.

Paid Backlinks or Link Exchanges

Paid links are links bought by paying other sites for backlinks. Generally, these links are spammy and low-quality links. This will put your website in risk and you may lose ranking rather than improve. Google is very strict about link schemes. Exchanging links only for sake of backlink will also get your website in trouble. You should always avoid low-quality directories or article submission sites.

Blog or Forums Comment

If you are doing blog commenting or forums posting for sake of backlinks, stop it right there. Comments with optimized links violate google guidelines. Always post constructive comments on sites related to your website. Take part in the discussion to provide your input and help.


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  1. Sam
    Sam says:

    I Follow different SEO expert time to time but I believe SEO is more than reading. Its actually doing and getting good quality and relevant backlinks. Its really amazed me when i start getting relevant links. Results are awesome once you start getting quality links fast. Thanks for your Quality Blog.


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